Air charters for mining, resources and FIFO: Australian and international cargo and passenger flights

AERgO International offers a range of charter options for those in the mining and resources sector, and will find the best charters that work for your organisation.

 We offer convenient and cost-effective options for workforce mobility in remote locations, with extensive industry experience, local knowledge and access to a wide range of aircraft.

FIFO (Fly In - Fly Out)

Our air charter experts can assist with fly in fly out services for an effective and cost-efficient workforce solution for flights to and from remote locations. The AERgO team has strong industry expertise for FIFO and will work with you to build a complete solution for your site and workforce. We’ll organise charter flights to the most suitable airport to minimise the time your employees spend on the road.

Roster rotations

We can work to your schedule, arranging charter flight services that integrate with your rosters for seamless staff rotation, including more frequent flight scheduling around holidays. Our flexible timings mean your workforce have more time with their family and friends during their time off and spend less time in transit. You let us know when you need your workforce to fly in and fly out, and we’ll arrange the best options to suit your requirements.

Safety compliance

As experienced charter brokers, AERgO can take care of all of your charter safety compliance so you don’t need to worry about it. Every flight we charter is specially arranged to meet your specific safety, access, infrastructure and regulation requirements.

Feasibility & budgeting

Our air charter experts love a challenge and can efficiently plan out the best options for your organisational requirements. We’ll take care of all of your feasibility planning and budgeting for you, organising the best options to suit your needs. You let us know what you need, and we’ll work through the logistics and find the best options to suit your budget.

Ability to scale to requirements

AERgO International is experienced in providing charter services for small and large workforces, domestically and internationally, and for a wide range of special requirements. We are agile and able to ramp your project up or down as needed throughout the project lifecycle - whether that’s switching to a bigger or smaller aircraft or catering to additional requirements that come up along the way.

Solutions for any project, delivered efficiently

If you need something out of the ordinary, our team can make it happen. Whatever the need, we’ll provide you with the best solutions that meet your specific needs within your budget boundaries, and we’ll do so in the most efficient way possible.

Mining and resources cargo charters​

If you need equipment or cargo transported, our experienced air cargo specialists can arrange the transport and logistics to provide fast-turnarounds with access to extensive resources, a large fleet and a wide variety of aircraft, we can organise the transportation of whatever you need, as fast as you need it.

Cost-effective personnel movement

In many cases chartering an aircraft may be less expensive than alternatives when personnel travel times are taken into account. We can land at an airport close to your worksite so passengers will spend less time on the road, reducing risk and saving on wage costs due to a shorter transit time.

Flexible solutions

If your job site closes early, extends longer or you need changes in your arrangements, AERgO can accommodate. We have flexible solutions and offer the most efficient solutions for you.
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Save time and money with Australia’s leading charter broker for mining and resources

AERgO International has been providing the most cost-effective and efficient air charter solutions domestically within Australia and internationally for almost two decades. Enquire with us today and you’ll see why we’re trusted by many companies worldwide. A charter manager will be in touch within a couple of hours.