Government and Defence air charter
flights - Australian and international

AERgO International provides charter flights for cargo, passengers and groups, and consulting and air logistic services for government, defence, non-government organisations, humanitarian first responders and aid teams, emergency services and other high-security situations.

With over 80 years of combined hands-on aviation industry experience domestically and internationally, our specialists provide consultation, management and charter brokerage services for air logistics, travel, aviation strategy and more.

Holistic, efficient solutions

We take a holistic view to get the best solutions for all involved and specialise in the complicated air movements that others shy away from. Our government and defence charter experts will try every avenue to get our clients the most efficient solutions.

Reliable, trusted and proven​

With a proven track record of exceptional past performance, cost-effective price, reliability, transparency and trust, AERgO International is the Australian owned and operated air charter broker that governance and defence bodies depend upon.

DISP accreditation​

AERgO International has DISP accreditation (Defence Industry Security Program) for organising and managing charter flights for defence projects. We also work with a number of flight operators who operate flights with DISP accreditation. When you book a charter with us, whether it is for cargo or passengers, and whether it is for police, defence or government, you know that it will meet the correct security protocol and standards you require.

AERgO is a member of the Australian Department of Defence Air Transport Deed of Standing Offer Panel, this panel is accessible to all Australian Government Agencies

Sensitive movements

Our air charter specialists are experienced in sensitive movements and can be relied upon to do so efficiently, securely, discreetly and safely. AERgO International is the air charter broker that government agencies, defence and police forces rely on for sensitive movements.

Detailed planning

Our team of experts are detail oriented and never shy away from a complex or heavily involved project. We provide detailed planning services and the boots on the ground to ensure your operation goes to plan.

Accurate budgeting

We provide cost-effective solutions and accurate budgeting so you know what the cost will be upfront, with no unexpected additional costs down the track. We are reliable and experienced and deliver what we promise.

Humanitarian First Responders and Aid

Our air charter experts are experienced in transporting emergency personnel, first responders, aid crews and non-government organisations and their equipment to domestic and international affected areas and natural disaster sites for humanitarian response and aid missions.

Natural Disasters

We arrange air charters for cargo and supplies for natural disaster relief, and passenger charters to first responders and aid teams, with experience in urgent and emergency natural disaster flights. Our team can get cargo and passengers in the air as early as hours after your initial enquiry.

Non-Government organisations

If you need to arrange travel for a non-government organisation for humanitarian first response or aid, our team has the experience and the fleet access to assist.

Australia’s preferred air charter provider for Government, Defence and emergency services - request a solution today

AERgO has been providing secure, safe and private air transport for Government and armed forces for almost two decades. With a reputation for reliability, efficiency and expertise, we are the preferred supplier for many government, defence and police air movements. Request a solution and speak to one of our defence and government air charter experts today.