Air cargo charters - Australia and
international air freight charters

For simplified logistics and efficient cargo transportation, our air cargo and logistics brokering services provide reliable transport options.

We move time critical, unique and sensitive cargo for a wide range of industries, from small, light packages to 100 tonne generators. Our experts will arrange the movement of any type of cargo, equipment, freight or supplies with efficiency and expertise.

Catering for cargo in all categories and sizes

We accommodate all kinds of freight:

Oversized & urgent cargo

Livestock and farm supplies


Disaster and emergency response supplies

Urgent spares to fix plant breakdowns

Refrigerated / cold chain logistics

Oversize cargo​

The AERgO operations team are experienced in accommodating oversized and large cargo. We have an extensive fleet and can find you the best options for the most efficient price.

Urgently required cargo charters

If you urgently need cargo or equipment transported with a fast turnaround, we have access to a large fleet and work with a huge network of operators and supporting service suppliers to make it happen.

Dangerous goods​

We are experienced in dealing with the transport of dangerous goods safely and efficiently, with all of the necessary safety and handling certifications. If you have dangerous goods you need moved, our team can find the best solution for you.

Special handling requirements​

If you have special handling requirements, AERgO can assist. We can organise each step of the process, including:

  • Classification
  • Permits
  • Export Processes
  • Approvals
  • Ground staff

Complex requirements? We love a challenge

If you have a need to source aircraft movement outside the scope or ability of scheduled operators, just give our team a call to talk to one of our charter experts. We specialise in the complex air movements that others avoid. Our experts will take the time to ensure the best, and most efficient solution for you.

Get fast, reliable and cost-efficient cargo charter solutions with Australia’s leading cargo charter provider

We’ve been providing the most cost-effective and efficient air charter solutions domestically within Australia and internationally for almost two decades. For a streamlined, easy and fast cargo charter that meets your job requirements, no matter how complex or sensitive, request a solution now and our experts will get onto it right away. Or give us a call now for urgent cargo charters.