Whether you have 4 or 4,000 people to move, Resource Travel has access to aircraft fleet both domestically and internationally, to not only service your needs, but to also ensure your team is traveling with safe, reputable and reliable operators who have the contingency for back up in situations where unforseen delays to flights can potentially cripple your productivity and targeted outcomes.

We regularly deliver;

  • Executive and VIP charters
  • Investor flights using private departure lounges
  • High level management site visits or other time critical flights
  • Planned FIFO roster crew movements into and out of site using multiple aircraft options and simultaneous flight schedules, often from multiple departure points
  • De-mob and Re-mob charter flights, especially for busy periods such as Christmas shutdowns
  • Dedicated shutdown crew charters
  • Ad-Hoc charters

Resource Travel provides customised charter services to the mining industry. Through identification of the specific needs of our customers, Resource Travel designs, offers and delivers comprehensive service solutions as a part of the client’s entire passenger requirements.

As our objective is to maximise client value for every dollar expended on air-kilometres for charter services we do this in various ways;

Maximising the utilisation of the aircraft for passenger and freight loads and to assure the client receives a reliable, economical and seamless delivery solution;

Understanding the needs of our clients and designing unique service solutions specific for each client, each geographic region in which the client requires air services and on each site on which the client operates.

These service solutions consider safety, construction / operations work rosters, freight and regional transport hubs, passenger movements, infrastructure available to support aircraft operations, civil aviation permitting requirements, proximity of suitable aircraft to the sectors of operation, cost of services, reliability of services, performance standards of operators and so on;

Benefits of charter services:

  • Direct flights to the closest airport, avoiding lengthy transfers and delays
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
  • Flexible timings mean you can create your own schedule
  • Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft

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